Access Systems (Residential & Commercial)


Access and Door Entry systems provide a simple yet effective intercom system from the front entrance of a property to inside, or to each individual residency within the building where required. This facility can also offers door release for remote entry. The latest equipment can now also offer video call entry so the receiver can see who is requesting entry.

GDC Security have a wealth of experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of access and door entry systems, and have worked with basic GSM kits for a single entry point to multi-door and multiple reader access control systems.

All of our systems can be integrated with any motorised gate or shutter. This also includes the supply and installation of a range of mechanical and electrical locks working in conjunction with the system.

For residential and commercial install, we can offer a range of options including:

- Single entry point for one office
- Communal entrances – multi-access – found most commonly in shared offices - Service and maintenance of any existing system

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